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Woman crashes car into truck on I-64 and survives

Many people in the Litchfield area are aware of the dangers they face when they drive near trucks and large commercial vehicles. With the number of crashes increasing each day due to hazardous road conditions, reckless motorists and defective motor vehicle equipment, safety should be every motorist's primary objective. Sadly, it is not. When distractions are present, safety often becomes the last priority. 

How truckers can prevent accidents caused by fatigue

For many truckers, their job requires them to travel hundreds of miles every day to deliver product to destinations in a timely manner. However, because of the pressures and demands of the industry, many truckers irrationally minimize the need for sleep and try to cram as much driving as they can into a designated period. Illinois truckers who are proactive about getting enough rest and vigilant about recognizing the signs of fatigue can keep themselves safer. As a result, other motorists around them are at less risk of injury as well. 

What are the “no zones” of a semi truck?

A previous post talked about the "no zones" of large trucks, along with some other advice for safely sharing the roads with big trucks. The "no zones" are an important subject. Every driver in Illinois needs to be educated in these blind spots and how to safely navigate them. 

How to drive safely near trucks and commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicle operators in Illinois drive millions of miles each year. They spend significantly more time on the roads than passenger car motorists. Although their jobs are demanding, they are not the primary cause of most truck accidents. Passenger car drivers are. 

What happens when truckers drive while distracted?

Most motorists in Litchfield know how dangerous distractions can be. However, many of them do not realize that distractions are even more dangerous when truckers engage in them. Distractions may seem like a great way to keep one’s attention on driving, but they have the opposite effect. Distractions encourage drivers of all types to take even greater risks and commit more driving errors that increase the number of accidents that occur.

The dangers of improperly loaded trucks

Truck accidents on Illinois highways can be incredibly devastating. A passenger vehicle does not stand much of a chance when it is hit by a large commercial truck. The extreme difference in size and weight creates an unfair balance tipped heavily in the trucks favor. This is especially true if the truck is overloaded. You may not be aware of an overloaded truck on the road with you, but the chances are good, you routinely are driving beside, in front and behind them. According to Automotive Fleet, overloaded trucks are one of the main causes of accidents.

How does speeding affect drivers?

Speeding is something many people do on Illinois roadways. While it may not be considered a big deal, it is a crime. Posted speed limits have been determined based upon different factors and are set for a reason. The bottom line is to keep people safe, both those in the vehicles and those outside them. When you speed, you are putting everyone's life at risk.

How common are large truck accidents?

Every day you and other passenger vehicles share the road with large trucks in Illinois. As long as everyone is following the law and paying attention, things generally proceed without incident. However, all it takes is one error and an accident can occur. The reality, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, is out of every 10 accidents that occur in the country, one of them will involve a large truck. An even scarier fact is that in such an accident, it is most likely to be you, the occupant of the passenger vehicle, who is injured.

What is the CDL clearinghouse?

As a motorist in Illinois, you may be familiar with driving alongside massive tractor trailers on a regular basis. These massive vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and may have several trailers following behind the truck cab. Large trucks require qualified and licensed truck drivers to operate them. However, a number of truck drivers who are operating tractor trailers are not qualified, and some have pending violations, drug charges and other infractions that should keep them off the road.

Identifying the causes of truck accidents

Thousands of motorists in Illinois and throughout the nation share the roads with massive tractor trailers on a daily basis. These large vehicles have special operation requirements and must be driven by specially trained and qualified truckers. Even when operated by experienced truckers, however, tractor trailers can have major problems on the road, which may cause devastating truck accidents resulting in injuries and death.

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