Woman crashes car into truck on I-64 and survives

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | truck accidents

Many people in the Litchfield area are aware of the dangers they face when they drive near trucks and large commercial vehicles. With the number of crashes increasing each day due to hazardous road conditions, reckless motorists and defective motor vehicle equipment, safety should be every motorist’s primary objective. Sadly, it is not. When distractions are present, safety often becomes the last priority. 

Distractions, trucks and motorists do not mix. Drivers should never let their guards down around commercial vehicles. They should drive at safe speeds and distances to avoid collisions with them. They should also avoid distractions so they have enough time to anticipate and coordinate their driving actions accordingly to make the roads safer for themselves and everyone else. 

According to a statement released by the Illinois State Police, a distracted female motorist crashed her vehicle into the back of a semi-truck in Washington County. The semi-trailer operator did not sustain any injuries. The driver of the car was 45 years old and was traveling alone on Interstate 64 behind a commercial vehicle. She did not reduce her speed and notice she was driving faster than the 57-year-old truck operator. The semi-truck operator was not from the area and lives in Tennessee. 

Both vehicles ended up on the shoulder of the highway. The collision caused the female motorist to suffer major injuries after becoming trapped beneath her car and dragged a short distance by the truck. Medical personnel transported her via medical helicopter to the nearest hospital for treatment.

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