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December 2017 Archives

Could an inflatable jacket prevent motorcycle fatalities?

While riding a motorcycle on Illinois' roadways can be a wonderful experience, there is no doubt that it also is a dangerous one. There have not really been a lot of advancements to make motorcycles safer as there has been with other vehicles. However, there is a new invention on the market that may revolutionize things and completely change the outcome of motorcycle accidents.

Woman crashes car into truck on I-64 and survives

Many people in the Litchfield area are aware of the dangers they face when they drive near trucks and large commercial vehicles. With the number of crashes increasing each day due to hazardous road conditions, reckless motorists and defective motor vehicle equipment, safety should be every motorist's primary objective. Sadly, it is not. When distractions are present, safety often becomes the last priority. 

How truckers can prevent accidents caused by fatigue

For many truckers, their job requires them to travel hundreds of miles every day to deliver product to destinations in a timely manner. However, because of the pressures and demands of the industry, many truckers irrationally minimize the need for sleep and try to cram as much driving as they can into a designated period. Illinois truckers who are proactive about getting enough rest and vigilant about recognizing the signs of fatigue can keep themselves safer. As a result, other motorists around them are at less risk of injury as well. 

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