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November 2017 Archives

What are the “no zones” of a semi truck?

A previous post talked about the "no zones" of large trucks, along with some other advice for safely sharing the roads with big trucks. The "no zones" are an important subject. Every driver in Illinois needs to be educated in these blind spots and how to safely navigate them. 

How can pedestrians avoid getting hit by cars?

Pedestrians in Illinois are often the most vulnerable victims of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pedestrians die in 48 percent of motor vehicle accidents that happen on the roads all over the country. Those who live, often suffer from serious injuries and face difficult recoveries. 

How safe are backseat car passengers?

Many people in the Litchfield area choose their vehicles based on appearance, safety and affordability. While they are shopping for the ideal vehicle for their situation, they may not realize they should also take into consideration how safe the backseat of their vehicles is for their passengers. According to CBS News, the backseat is not the safest place for adult passengers. Younger rear seat occupants have a lower safety risk.

Truck driver crashes into driverless shuttle

Many people in Illinois herald the arrival of driverless vehicles. The number of car and commercial vehicle accidents that happen is increasing every day. Most of them are the cause of driver distractions, errors and recklessness. According to The Science Alert, traffic fatalities could be reduced by as much as 90 percent with autonomous cars. Currently, several states are testing driverless vehicles.

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