How to drive safely near trucks and commercial vehicles

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | truck accidents

Commercial vehicle operators in Illinois drive millions of miles each year. They spend significantly more time on the roads than passenger car motorists. Although their jobs are demanding, they are not the primary cause of most truck accidents. Passenger car drivers are. 

All drivers are supposed to share the roads equally. When they do not, the rate of collisions increases. According to the Commercial Carrier Journal, there were “415,000 truck accidents in 2015.” Many of those collisions caused harm to passenger vehicle occupants. To prevent accidents, all drivers should understand how they can prevent them and exhibit safe driving behaviors. 

Make their vehicles visible 

Truckers cannot always see the vehicles that are driving near them because of their blind spots. These areas are directly in front, on the right, near the driver side door and in the back of their trailers. Drivers of passenger cars should remember to watch for their vehicles in truck mirrors. If they cannot see themselves, then they should adjust their vehicles’ position so truckers can see and avoid colliding into them. 

Be patient 

Trucks take considerably more effort and time to operate. The percentage of rear-end large truck accidents that resulted in fatality is 29, states American Trucker. Many motorists cut commercial vehicles off while they rush to their destinations. This can cause truckers to slam their brakes and increase the risk of jackknifing. Motorists should keep in mind that trucks require twice as much time to stop and give them enough space and notice to do so. 

Avoid driving too closely 

Trailers and big rigs also need more space to turn. Sometimes they may need to turn from another lane than the one closet to their destinations. Their vehicles may swing outward into other lanes. Drivers should give truckers more space to maneuver their vehicles and avoid passing them on the right side. They should also watch for their turn signals. 

It is possible for both truckers and regular motorists to share the road safely. Both parties must make a conscious effort to do so to reduce the number of truck accidents that happen.