How to choose a motorcycle helmet

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | motorcycle accidents

It has been shown by research that wearing a helmet can greatly decrease serious injuries and death in a motorcycle accident. While Illinois does not have a helmet law, it is still advised that all people riding a motorcycle wear them. With that in mind, choosing a helmet is an important part of the process. Having the right helmet can mean the difference between a slight injury and death.

Motorcycle Superstore outlines the different types of motorcycle helmets on the market. The main difference between the types of helmets for on-road use are the coverage. There are helmets that cover the whole face, including the chin. This is probably the most popular model seen on roadways. Open face helmets cover the head and neck area. They may or may not have a face shield that flips down. Half helmets offer the least protection and basically cover just the top of the head.

Choosing a helmet really depends on a few factors. notes motorcycle riders should consider how often they ride. Riding every day or using a bike to commute will require more protection, and a rider may prefer to have fuller coverage to keep wind and bugs off their heads and faces. Weight also has to be a consideration. Riders can get lighter weight full coverage helmets. It is important, though, to prevent neck strain and issues with seeing clearly that can come from using a helmet that is too heavy or too big. Overall comfort has to be considered, too. If a rider does not like the feel of the helmet or feels like it is obstructing his or her view of the road, he or she may not wear it.