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October 2017 Archives

How to choose a motorcycle helmet

It has been shown by research that wearing a helmet can greatly decrease serious injuries and death in a motorcycle accident. While Illinois does not have a helmet law, it is still advised that all people riding a motorcycle wear them. With that in mind, choosing a helmet is an important part of the process. Having the right helmet can mean the difference between a slight injury and death.

What should you do after a hit-and-run?

Witnessing a hit-and-run accident involving a pedestrian in Illinois can be quite traumatic. You may freeze up or not know exactly what to do. It is in this moment that the victim needs your help the most. According to CityLab, getting involved when you are the witness of a hit-and-run is one of the best things you can do for the victim.

How to drive safely near trucks and commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicle operators in Illinois drive millions of miles each year. They spend significantly more time on the roads than passenger car motorists. Although their jobs are demanding, they are not the primary cause of most truck accidents. Passenger car drivers are. 

What are the benefits of keeping kids rear-facing in a car?

You may have heard the recent recommendations that children be kept in a rear-facing position while riding in a car until they reach the age of two. Previous recommendations said your child could turn around once he or she turned one. So, what has changed?

What is reckless homicide?

If you are involved in a car accident in Illinois, you probably understand that things get very serious if someone dies as a result of the accident. According to the Illinois General Assembly, when someone is killed as a result of a traffic accident, it is called reckless homicide. This charge may be leveled even if the act was unintentional. In general, it is a Class 3 felony charge, but there are spcial cases where it becomes a Class 2 felony. The possible consequences may also differ based upon the circumstances of the accident.

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