What happens when truckers drive while distracted?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | truck accidents

Most motorists in Litchfield know how dangerous distractions can be. However, many of them do not realize that distractions are even more dangerous when truckers engage in them. Distractions may seem like a great way to keep one’s attention on driving, but they have the opposite effect. Distractions encourage drivers of all types to take even greater risks and commit more driving errors that increase the number of accidents that occur.

Long work hours increase the temptation for distractions 

Commercial vehicle operators spend so much of their time on the roads that they often do not have time for themselves once their shifts are over. To help pass the time while they work, they groom their bodies, talk and text on their cellphones, complete paperwork and do other things that they should not do when they are behind their steering wheels.

Truckers whose attention is focused everywhere but on the roads are more likely to crash their vehicles. According to Truckingtruth.com, distractions can be attributed to approximately 11,000 commercial vehicle collision incidents each year. Even though there are mandatory rules and laws in place banning distractions, many big rig drivers choose to ignore them to keep from being bored on the roads.

Truck accidents involving distractions often end in tragedy 

When distracted motorists encounter distracted truckers, the result can be catastrophic. Neither type of motorist is capable of taking corrective action in a timely manner to avoid accidents. They may make more mistakes trying to avoid objects and other vehicles. Collisions are often imminent, and injuries are usually more severe. People often lose their lives in trucking accidents.

Distractions can lead to deadly results when cars and trucks collide. Motorists and truckers should follow the rules, stop using distractions and use safe driving behaviors to help prevent motor vehicle accidents and death.