The dangers of improperly loaded trucks

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2017 | truck accidents

Truck accidents on Illinois highways can be incredibly devastating. A passenger vehicle does not stand much of a chance when it is hit by a large commercial truck. The extreme difference in size and weight creates an unfair balance tipped heavily in the trucks favor. This is especially true if the truck is overloaded. You may not be aware of an overloaded truck on the road with you, but the chances are good, you routinely are driving beside, in front and behind them. According to Automotive Fleet, overloaded trucks are one of the main causes of accidents.

An overloaded truck poses a safety risk to the truck’s driver and others on the road. It can make the load unstable, which if you are the one driving the truck, means more risk of rollovers or swaying issues. Plus, it makes it more difficult to change lanes, turn or go around curves. It increases the distance needed for braking, too. In addition, it is hard on the truck, causing tire wear and damaging the suspension, increasing the likelihood of mechanical issues and tire blow outs.

Overloading is so common because it increases the earning potential and cuts company costs. It is not a valid business strategy, though, because it actually increases maintenance expenses and fuel costs. In many cases, it leads to breaking the law by going over legal weight limits, and it always poses an extreme risk to the safety of everyone on the roadways. To learn more about how to handle a truck accident, visit our website.