Go for high visibility as an older motorcycle rider

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | blog

People who ride motorcycles love to wear black, especially older bikers. In fact, many have black motorcycles — Harleys, for example. However, since older motorcycle riders sustain injuries that are more serious than their younger counterparts, it would help for them to become more visible.

There are a few simple adjustments that every motorcycle rider, even the over-60 enthusiasts, can make in the effort to become more visible.

Choose yellow or orange

Yellow or orange signs tell us to exercise caution, and as a motorcycle rider, you will find that high-visibility colors catch the attention of motorists. Yellow or orange in a vest or helmet would be a great wardrobe addition, and you could still wear a black shirt, jeans and boots.

Apply reflective tape

If you ride after dark, get some reflective tape and apply it to strategic parts of your motorcycle, such as your front forks, your panniers and around the edge of your windscreen. Some bikers put reflective tape on their wheels. The tape acts as an additional light source and makes your motorcycle look like a much larger object at night. It is also a good idea to put a patch of it on the back of your jacket or vest.

Be mindful of blind spots

When you are riding in traffic, you normally focus on the road ahead, but make an effort to stay out of blind spots. Observe the vehicle next to you, and if you are in its blind spot, speed up a bit or drop behind. Make a swift pass when you can, then position yourself so that the motorists around you can see you.

Resist becoming a statistic

Keep in mind that motorists simply do not think much about motorcycles. If you can make a driver notice you, even for a second, you are in a considerably safer position. Your goal is to make yourself seen. Even if you have to give up a little of your favorite black attire, achieving greater visibility will be well worth it.