What are the most recent fatal car accident statistics?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | fatal motor vehicle accidents

You likely know that driving can be dangerous. There are accidents every day on Illinois roadways. Unfortunately, some of these are fatal. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, every traffic accident that involves a fatality must be reported to law enforcement.  This not only assures the accident scene is managed and victims are properly cared for but it also allows the DOT to collect and analyze crash data to keep you informed and to help prevent future accidents. Knowledge can be power when it comes to vehicle accidents because it enables authorities to spot problem areas and can help you be more aware of the risks you face on the roadways.

There was a total of 313,316 reported accidents in 2015. Of those, there was a total of 998 deaths. This equals out to almost three deaths per day due to car accidents. The most common place for fatal accidents to occur were city streets and roads. They also were more common in the city than in rural areas. The top three types of accidents that resulted in a fatality were with a fixed object, involved pedestrians or were head-on collisions. Fatal crashes were most likely on weekends and occurred most often between noon and 7:59 in the evening. Most crashes, in general, occurred after sundown.

Auto accidents in work zones were another concern in 2015 with a total number of 6,891 accidents and 46 people fatality injured. Fatalities usually were the drivers of the vehicles. There were actually no workers killed in work zone crashes in 2015. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.