Interstate truck-RV crash sends 4 to hospital

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | truck accidents

When it comes to motor vehicles, we often think of size as a proxy for safety. Many people buy large SUVs and pickup trucks, in part, at least, because they believe they are safer in such a vehicle than they would be in a sub-compact car. In many crashes, they are probably correct.

The problem with that mindset is that it can breed overconfidence and a sense of invulnerability. You may think because you drive a large vehicle, you are immune to deadly crashes. This can lead to inattention, driving too fast for conditions, or other errors of judgment that can lead to crashes that can cause severe injuries or death.

A crash on Interstate 57 highlights the danger. A semi truck and a large motor home typically would be the largest of two vehicles likely to be involved in a crash. But when the strike each other, their advantage diminishes quickly.

The crash happened near 11 pm Sunday night when the semi truck apparently hit the rear of the motor home, which was towing a car at the time. This caused the truck to careen off the shoulder of the road into a bridge embankment. The driver of the motor home also lost control and skidded sideways into the center of the road and struck the center supports of the bridge.

The four occupants of the motor home, including two children, were all injured. The truck driver miraculously escaped injury, which is remarkable considering how his truck struck the bridge embankment. He was lucky that the truck slid past the supports and did not hit them directly.

It is unclear why the crash occurred. The truck driver may have dozed off momentarily, or been distracted by some other activity. The Illinois State Police are investigating the crash. Truck crashes like this serve as a chilling reminder that no matter how large your vehicle, there is always something larger.