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Litchfield Illinois Motor Vehicle Accident Blog

Could an inflatable jacket prevent motorcycle fatalities?

While riding a motorcycle on Illinois' roadways can be a wonderful experience, there is no doubt that it also is a dangerous one. There have not really been a lot of advancements to make motorcycles safer as there has been with other vehicles. However, there is a new invention on the market that may revolutionize things and completely change the outcome of motorcycle accidents.

Popular Mechanics introduced the idea of an inflatable motorcycle jacket. This jacket provides similar protection to airbags in vehicles. In addition, it provides protection and support that you would get from the seats and other structures in a vehicle that you do not have on a motorcycle. These characteristics help make this a wearable safety device that could save your life. 

Woman crashes car into truck on I-64 and survives

Many people in the Litchfield area are aware of the dangers they face when they drive near trucks and large commercial vehicles. With the number of crashes increasing each day due to hazardous road conditions, reckless motorists and defective motor vehicle equipment, safety should be every motorist's primary objective. Sadly, it is not. When distractions are present, safety often becomes the last priority. 

Distractions, trucks and motorists do not mix. Drivers should never let their guards down around commercial vehicles. They should drive at safe speeds and distances to avoid collisions with them. They should also avoid distractions so they have enough time to anticipate and coordinate their driving actions accordingly to make the roads safer for themselves and everyone else. 

How truckers can prevent accidents caused by fatigue

For many truckers, their job requires them to travel hundreds of miles every day to deliver product to destinations in a timely manner. However, because of the pressures and demands of the industry, many truckers irrationally minimize the need for sleep and try to cram as much driving as they can into a designated period. Illinois truckers who are proactive about getting enough rest and vigilant about recognizing the signs of fatigue can keep themselves safer. As a result, other motorists around them are at less risk of injury as well. 

The New York Times reports that according to federal law, truckers are required to take a 30-minute break each day during their driving time. They are also not allowed to drive longer than 11 hours in a day. However, many truckers still continue to drive even after they begin to feel fatigued which poses a dangerous threat to themselves and all other drivers around them. 

What are the “no zones” of a semi truck?

A previous post talked about the "no zones" of large trucks, along with some other advice for safely sharing the roads with big trucks. The "no zones" are an important subject. Every driver in Illinois needs to be educated in these blind spots and how to safely navigate them. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration notes you need to stay out of a truck's "no zones" at all times. You cannot do this if you do not fully understand where they are. There is a no zone on every side of a large truck. You will find them in front, behind and on each side. To stay safe, you should never drive in the 30 foot area behind a truck. If you are in front of a truck, you need to be at least 20 feet from the front of it.

How can pedestrians avoid getting hit by cars?

Pedestrians in Illinois are often the most vulnerable victims of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pedestrians die in 48 percent of motor vehicle accidents that happen on the roads all over the country. Those who live, often suffer from serious injuries and face difficult recoveries. 

Motorists are obligated to use caution, safe driving skills, proper knowledge and to adhere to all traffic rules, laws and signs to keep the roads safe. Those who fail to do so, increase the number of car collisions that occur and endanger pedestrians. Fortunately, pedestrians can take measures to keep themselves from being involved and injured in car accidents. 

How safe are backseat car passengers?

Many people in the Litchfield area choose their vehicles based on appearance, safety and affordability. While they are shopping for the ideal vehicle for their situation, they may not realize they should also take into consideration how safe the backseat of their vehicles is for their passengers. According to CBS News, the backseat is not the safest place for adult passengers. Younger rear seat occupants have a lower safety risk.

Throughout the years, car makers have made many design improvements and advances in technology to make safer vehicles. These measures have improved car accident injury and fatality rates for front seat occupants tremendously. There is still room for improvement for backseat vehicle occupants. Not all vehicles are designed with rear passenger safety in mind. Older vehicles have fewer safety features and are more likely to have defects that increase the risk of injury. 

Lane-splitting and other laws for motorcyclists to follow

A motorcycle can be one of the most exciting ways to get to where you are going. However, operating these vehicles also poses special risks.

Illinois has numerous laws on the books to protect motorcyclists. All riders should follow them all exactly to remain safe and prevent a dangerous car accident

Truck driver crashes into driverless shuttle

Many people in Illinois herald the arrival of driverless vehicles. The number of car and commercial vehicle accidents that happen is increasing every day. Most of them are the cause of driver distractions, errors and recklessness. According to The Science Alert, traffic fatalities could be reduced by as much as 90 percent with autonomous cars. Currently, several states are testing driverless vehicles.

An autonomous shuttle in Las Vegas was carrying eight passengers when a delivery truck struck it. No one was hurt in the incident. The shuttle travels along an approximately 0.6-mile long route. One passenger stated the truck driver kept backing up his vehicle and did not see the shuttle. The shuttle has sensors that notified it to stop. The truck driver’s vehicle did not. There are many factors that may explain why the driver did not stop in time to avoid the collision. 

How to choose a motorcycle helmet

It has been shown by research that wearing a helmet can greatly decrease serious injuries and death in a motorcycle accident. While Illinois does not have a helmet law, it is still advised that all people riding a motorcycle wear them. With that in mind, choosing a helmet is an important part of the process. Having the right helmet can mean the difference between a slight injury and death.

Motorcycle Superstore outlines the different types of motorcycle helmets on the market. The main difference between the types of helmets for on-road use are the coverage. There are helmets that cover the whole face, including the chin. This is probably the most popular model seen on roadways. Open face helmets cover the head and neck area. They may or may not have a face shield that flips down. Half helmets offer the least protection and basically cover just the top of the head.

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